• Snow Algae and Edelweiss

    Snow Algae and Edelweiss – the Alps are the home of the Olympus of cosmetics

    La Vivana, a youthful company whose care products apply the beneficial effects of the edelweiss, has once more made an unexpected discovery: up in the eternal ice of the glaciers, in a type of plant one would hardly suspect – algae.

    The glacier alga Chlamydomonas nivalis thrives in extreme conditions. Strong ultraviolet radiation, increased ozone concentrations, high altitudes and cold scarcely affect it. It has developed a strikingly unique defence mechanism against such harmful influences: when the environment becomes too hostile, this tiny green plant simply turns red, a form of self-protection with which it could survive even on Mars. These very substances also protect the human skin from negative external stimuli.

    La Vivana has dedicated a whole line of care products to snow algae. The active ingredient complex derived from the edelweiss, AATC (Age-Antagonizing-Technology-Complex), is also the basis for the snow algae care range. A strong brand, with a powerful product, now has another champion: the active ingredient in snow algae was awarded the 2014 European Cosmetics Innovation Prize. As in its other products, La Vivana only uses natural ingredients with absolutely no mineral oils or parabens. Other manufacturers of high renown are not so rigorous, sadly. Scientific studies endorse La Vivana’s consistent approach: the effectiveness of the products has been clearly demonstrated in tests and is confirmed by our satisfied customers.

    These are bad times for skin aging, damaging environmental influences and UV damage, especially when we consider that the snow algae contains the klotho gene, discovered just a few years ago, that activates collagen production and is therefore also named the anti-aging gene.

    La Vivana has its headquarters in the heart of the Alps. It makes use of the properties of the resistant plants that can be found there:

    First the edelweiss, the flower that never fades (!) and now an alga that can change colour.

  • La Vivana, pioneer of natural beauty

    What was your motivation to launch La Vivana?

    JP: I was researching the cosmetic market in Europe and around the world when I realized that most producers of cosmetics rely either on innovative technologies or on natural ingredients in their products. I noticed that most cosmetic companies focused either on producing on the highest technological level or on producing in a very tolerable, natural way. To me it didn't seem fair that women should have to choose between one or the other. Why not combine both in order to achieve the best possible result? Why not produce cosmetic products that give women the opportunity to have up-to-date, scientifically researched technologies and the most pure and natural ingredients in one product?

    Why choose the Alps as production site of cosmetic products?

    JP: We are surrounded by beautiful landscapes: The wide, fertile valleys and the high, rocky peaks taught generations of people to live in unison with nature. In this region, people acknowledge the importance of a harmonious relationship between man and nature. Combining this awareness for the environment with the locals' inherent determination creates the ideal starting position for any company.

    So, you want to help women look better? Why even bother?

    JP: It's about so much more than just about improving your personal appearance! It's about the beauty of an individual; and that is absolutely worth bothering about: Everyone has their own unique look and is beautiful in their very own, individual way. No matter what their individual features are, all women have something in common: an unspoiled natural purity as well as the ability to shine. Our products beautify each woman’s individual complexion without changing her outstanding personality, simply by nourishing her skin and allowing her unique pristine radiance to show.

    What is your perception of beauty?

    JP: They say “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” And each individual seems to be their own most unforgiving beholder, so you yourself are your own harshest critic. I believe real beauty comes from the way we see ourselves: The understanding of our own individual beauty defines beauty as such.