The best care and strongest protection for your skin

The outstanding complex of active ingredients from the edelweiss – AATC® (Age-Antagonizing-Technology-Complex) – has been combined with the active ingredients of snow algae. This combination, available only from La Vivana, allows us to offer an unparalleled skin care range, distinguished from other products by the following features:

- The Anti-Aging Effect, giving much longer protection against harmful environmental influences and moisture loss.

- The valuable active substances from snow algae can also activate the so-called klotho gene (the “anti-aging” gene), which has the ability to slow down the aging process.

As with all previous products, La Vivana continues to use only natural ingredients and absolutely no mineral oils or parabens.


Active Face Cream


Firming Eye Cream


Moisturizing Gel Mask


Intensive Lifting